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Inception before disruption

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Prior Funding goal achieved :  NO

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Official Resources

Registered Company Name ČETRTI STEBER d.o.o.
Registration Number SI45442401
Registered Country Slovenia
City Ljubljana
Address Cesta 24. junija 25
Zip 1000
Phone 38640641123
Company Email
Blockchain Ethereum

Technical  Details

Company structure Fully Transparent
Technical Lead Tali Rezun
Slack Chat URL  Link 
Github code repository Link Link 

 Token Details


Token Symbol FOUR
Accepted Cryptocurrencies ETH
Total Token Supply / Volume 400000000
Accepted FIAT Currencies None
Role of Token Utility Token
Consensus Method Proof of work
Category Platfrom,HR


Token distribution IN %

Pre ICO 13%
ICO 13 %
Blocked for the Team 12 %
Accelerator Program 2 %
Blocked for Advisors 7 %
Early Backers 13 %

Pre ICO Round 

End Date 2018-04-02T00:00:00+02:00
Pre ICO price of Token 0.10 EUR
Soft Cap ( For this round ) 675000
Whitelist/KYC? KYC & Whitelist
Phone 38640641123
Restricted Nationalities United States, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, China, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen or country that is listed by IMF as offshore financial center.

ICO Round 

Token Distributed in  ICO 52000000
Start Date 2018-04-05T00:00:00+02:00
End Date 2018-04-27T00:00:00+02:00
Pre ICO price of Token 0.10 EUR
Soft Cap ( For this round ) 675000
Hard Cap 12000000
Whitelist/KYC? KYC & Whitelist


Who is the team Behind the Project?

Tali Rezun : CEO

Denis Jazbec  : CTO

Dusan Lazar : CMO 

Advisory Name 





Concept description :

The 4th Pillar, empower individuals to build a verified professional history identity, their personal decentralized savings crypto fund and at the same time, organizations can send multiple cross border payments, work-related documentation and recruit based on verified data. The FOUR token serves as main value, connects and fuels the 4th pillar ecosystem.

Use of Funds Diagram

  • How does my  project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects.

Individual control and management over received digital assets and work-related documentation.


Blockchain personal ledger identity database with automatic non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation.


Work-related document through peer-to-peer distribution.

Bonuses Structure:

    Start date: January 20, 2018 – end date: March, 2018 (minimum contribution per KYC 20 ETH) – whitelist approach with 50% bonus.
    Start date: March, 2018 – whitelist approach with 30% bonus.
    April, 2018 – whitelist approach.
Time Image
Pledged of $12,000,000 Goal
Ended On
The 4th Pillar, empower individuals to build a verified professional history identity.
Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for THE 4TH PILLAR – CHANGING THE WAY HR INDUSTRY WORKS TODAY

Social Footprints 


Project Summary

We founded MedSOS so people could become the true owner and user of their own data all while gaining friction-free healthcare! Exploring the idea of UHC ( universal health coverage ) through CROs + pharma supply chain management powered blockchain technology..

Project Details

Incorporation status MedRunner Pvt Ltd, India
Team openness Fully Transparent
Technical Lead Prashant
Technical White Paper -
Available Project Code
Prototype Yes

Token Details

Role of Token Payment (utility)
Token Supply
Amount Distributed in ICO -
Emission Rate Not Available
Blockchain Ethereum
Consensus Method Proof of Work

ICO Details

Sale period November 14th to Dec 1st, 2018
First price -
Accepted currencies ETH
Investment Round Seed Funding
Token distribution date Immediately following Token Sale
Min investment goal 2.5 K USD
Max investment cap  5 million USD
How are funds held Not clear
Minimal Viable Product Yes
Bonus schedule 30% during Pre-sales


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Who is the team Behind the Project?

Jyoti Prakash : He bring creativity design thinking  and psychology innovative strategy and has prior experience in online product development ( & ) UI + UX , advertisement ,business development  and 3D and visual design

Vikash Prasad : With 11 + years experience in the medical industry  and strong network of Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacy  in Eastern India, has strong operational and management expertise.

Prashant Chaurasia : Self  motivated , our IT guy , worked with TCS on project for retail pharma USA giant's CBS , is passionate and resource full with strong practical backend and servers integration and coding background.

Other notable members of the founding team include:

Project Description

Why this project? 

Hello, future partners, collaborator, mentors.

Hope you are doing well.

Let’s beginning with striking the red hot iron.

We are presently raising angel funds before the pre sale round  and looking for partnership and assistance . Kindly  connect @


Healthcare in  any given any developing nation, is biased towards curative care and geared towards secondary and tertiary care, where the focus is on treating very sick patients.

Solution: Engineering Reverse Innovation: We as designers cannot simply adapt; we have to disrupt.

But before disruption, it is important to define the problems unique technical and socioeconomic factors behind them. And then dictate a viable solution, independently from our existing to entail a healthcare delivery infrastructure of adequate quality at a price affordable for the masses, which first is accessible, analytical hence acceptable.

There is great excitement around disruptive technologies like AI and ML, and yet an equally powerful engine of innovation lies in understanding how human minds work. We increasingly, need to look to behavioural science (B.S) as a source of human-centric thinking needed to create new generation of powerful products and services.

A.I. is a future  requirement not a present  need. So let’s begin with simple things that everyone needs.

Behavioural economists understand that one of the most vital motivators of human behaviour is the fear of loss or loss aversion. We are more motivated to not lose something than to gain something of equal value. Articulating potential losses can sometimes be an even more powerful motivator.

Inception before disruption: MedRunner is simply a behavioural or psychological motivator, establishing or providing a starting point of an institution or activity to leads towards disruption. The placebo effect to a mind-set drift.


We will like to connect on MedRunner’s SOS feature.

Here’s how it works:

Like the world our teams is in the nascent stage is implementing blockchain solution, which we both know will alter the very fabric human relationship.

Tokenkart Network is one such design approach to sowing the seeds of a future beyond.

The first visual project , which we are working on is MedRunner / MedSOS which is a medical identity stack  with EMRs + HIEs  toolkit and if the vision is fully played, may provide Universal Basic Insurance (aka UBI) / Life care through government policy and CROs pharma partnership & supply chain reduces cost for the governments around the world .

Blockchain & Healthcare ! The first visual project , which we are working on is MedRunner / MedSOS which is a medical identity stack  with EMRs + HIEs  toolkit and if the vision is fully played, may provide Universal Basic Insurance / UHC (aka Universal Health Coverage) / Life care through government policy and CROs pharma partnership & supply chain reduces cost for the governments around the world . 

It will not only help us reach 1.3 billion citizens of our country but also open avenues for transforming the lives of  four  plus billion global citizens in developing nations who a looking forward for free primary care and affordable quality secondary healthcare. 

Inception before disruption . I HAVE TO GET MY INCEPTION RIGHT.

What is the project?

MedSOS : An GPS SOS app with smart card caring person medical information and a marketplace of sharing information in exchange for services form third party :  

We will like to further discuss and elaborate how our viral SOS feature with it’s EMRs & HIEs and family health-tech management toolkit ,  may be moulded into an on- demand C2B healthcare platform , branching further in due time to foster complementary and alternative medicine therapy through /

And look into the opportunities of pharma + pharmacy SaaS and CROs partnership through  medical tourism eco- system and a supply chain management solutions through blockchain.

In general, we tend to overestimate the effect of a simple technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run. Simple things change mind-sets over time, simpler thing connect in continuation and simplest things create value over a lifetime.

Likewise, our SOS feature is the first nascent steps, towards a proactive / preventive mind set, then the present established reactive / curative mind set towards personal healthcare.

Future Prospects  : 

Yes we vision AI preventive personalized, affordable, accessible, analytical, acceptable healthcare ecosystem and want as many individuals and care providers as possible to get involved and change their mind set from reactive / curative mind-set then a preventive / proactive mind-set.   .

But before, there are many building blocks that need to be established.

We may not be a billion dollar  idea, but will be a billion plus, people's community.

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