FORICO platform has been launched at the beginning of 2018 and is rapidly developing on the cryptomarket. Project’s founders are businessmen with more than 15 years of experience in business development, consulting, advertising, digital marketing. More than 3 years of experience in the field of Blockchain and ICO (advisory work, creating an image, technical and marketing support of the projects). The platform is not going to make an ICO for now but is focused on collecting the most verified information about all the aspects of the crypto-world: ICOs, listings, agencies, media, experts, events. Soon we will open a blog section of the platform, where blockchain-writers can share their thoughts and valuable information. We have professional analysts in the team who evaluate each project, we don’t sell the ratings.

More about the project in our press release:

FORICO: A Brand New Platform Which Knows Everything About the Crypto-world

FORICO platform has been launched at the beginning of 2018 and is rapidly developing on the cryptomarket. The platform represents a single-entry point to the entire ICO-industry and creates valuable products for all the ICO-market players.

Company’s founders launched FORICO with an idea to create a place where ICO-professionals can get trusted information about all the aspects of blockchain and crypto-world: ICO-projects, listings, agencies, experts, media, events. The target audience of the project is ICOs.

Today FORICO became a single point of access to all the information about decentralization and crypto-world which is, first of all, designed to provide crypto-professionals with a comprehensive information about ICO-Market. The platform provides verified and carefully reviewed database of ICO-projects for investors; listings, media and agencies for ICO-projects.

Before choosing and contributing, ICO-investors can find all the information about the ICO-project, token and what is more important – the rating of this ICO.

If you are a representative of ICO-project, looking for a marketing support or media/listing to publish information, you can leave a request at FORICO and publish your project with all the details, information about the team and experts you are working with.

Moreover, every crypto-enthusiast can find base of all the upcoming crypto-events all across the globe and find necessary information about the crypto-experts.

Problem solutions

Nowadays there are various platforms where crypto-enthusiasts can find information but there was no place where all this information is assembled together. Moreover, FORICO has trusted database with ratings and reviews to all the participants of the market. Project has a strong team of qualified analytics who carefully review every ICO-project, listing, agency, etc. Project aims to solve the existing inefficiency: a luck of comprehensive database.

Soon there will be opened blog section at the platform. Any user which can offer a unique content can contribute and tell the crypto-community about his/her valuable thoughts, experience and other interesting material. To get more information about FORICO, visit website. Contact: